Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Water Beetle

There are some insects which usually stay out of sight and are so different from the norm that they totally freak people out.  One of those is the Water Beetle.  They are found in Newfoundland and throughout the world.  It's a big insect - often 2 to 4 inches long and with a very stout body. The hind legs are visible, flattened and with fine hairs to help propel them in water.

Because they spent the majority of their time living in water and hidden under its surface - they rarely come into contact with people.  However Water Beetles have wings and can fly long distances.  They are attracted to lights and some believe they mistake roads for still water.  They are unlikely to intentionally come into contact with humans and only want to find a water source. Still, at least once each summer a Water Beetle will emerge among my friends. Treat them well - they mean no harm to you or your property.  

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