Monday, June 20, 2011

Tadpole Time

While Newfoundland does not have any native frogs, several species have been introduced over the years.  The American Toad, Mink Frog, Green Frog and Wood Frog are found throughout the province. Of these the Green Frog is the least secure. In local communities people tend to know where the frog pond(s) are located.  I only know of a few places on the east coast and in central parts of the province.  I've stumbled upon these by accident.

June is a great time to get out near small ponds with your kids.  Usually tadpoles begin to emerge by now.  If you find some it'll make going back each week really exciting. The development is quite fast.  This year does seem slower due to the colder temperatures.  Yesterday I visited a well-populated pond and only saw two small tadpoles. They are fun to catch, but are quite swift - adding to the fun.  Find a frog pond - you'll be drawn back there throughout the summer!

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