Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Snout Beetle

You may be reading this and thinking 'Snout Beetle, do we really have such a thing?'.   Yeah, we actually do.  These beetles are found in Newfoundland and throughout North America. There are many different members.  For the most part you will not encounter Snout Beetles on your travels.  They rarely enter your house and if so they are there by accident. If you find one it will most likely play dead while you usher it outside.  I've sometimes had them cling to my finger when dropping outside - but they only clung and did not bite.

Most Snout Beetles are pests to cultivated plants.  So, you're most likely to see them in your garden...or evidence of their damage.  I'm not sure how common they are in Newfoundland - I only see a couple each summer.  If you see one, the snout is unmistakable!  There are antenna on either side of the snout and the beetle is about 1 cm long.

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