Sunday, March 27, 2011

Puffins at Bonavista

The Puffin is an amazing bird.  About the size of a pidgeon, it settles in flocks on the rocky coastline and perseveres through regular raids of its eggs by larger birds.  The nest is burrowed into the soil.  Puffins have the look of Penguins - crisp black and white attaire, but they fly. A little more squat and stocky, it's their brilliant broad orange beaks which set them apart.

Puffins are common in Newfoundland but I will highlight Bonavista given the opportunity provided there to view them up close. At Cape Bonavista one can stand close to the lighthouse and have a clear view of hundreds of birds going about their business. The business, of course, is cruising over the North Atlantic, diving and returning with lunch. It is amazing to behold, even on the foggy wet days which seem to come frequently to the Cape.  If you visit prepare for birds zooming in all directions.  Very cool. 

The Puffins at Cape Bonavista have settled on the cliff side of a small island.  You can't get there but your camera lense will allow for some cool pics. If travelling in Newfoundland look for these lovely birds. Be careful if taking pics near the ocean's edge.

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