Thursday, April 28, 2011

Iceberg Season

It is probably safe to say that the 'season' has begun. Icebergs have been spotted around Newfoundland - I saw my first one a few days ago.  These massive pieces of ice are quite something to behold up close.  From shore they are certainly interesting - a brilliant white nugget against a background of deep blue sea. On the contrary, when a berg moves close to shore or if you visit one in a boat - whoa!  It's a bit shocking to see how big they are. 

Usually June and July are great months for iceberg viewing in Newfoundland - though in some years the bergs are less frequent than in others.  Some interesting news today, a huge ice island from Greenland's glacier is near Labrador and headed towards Newfoundland.  It'll be good viewing, though it is disconcerting that the world barely notices when glaciers are slipping away.

If you have an interest in the Titantic, the ship went down at about 380 miles from Newfoundland.  See a berg up close and its potential for destruction is very clear.

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