Monday, April 25, 2011

Amazing Twillingate hike

Two days ago I visited Twillingate, on Newfoundland's northeast coast.  It was really a stunning day, with temperatures near 10 degrees C.  April can be very wet and chilly on that coast in spring.  I walked an amazing trail for just over two hours.  With beaming sun, great temperature and awe-inspiring views, my work-week was far behind.  I returned with peace and joy.

If you are reading this from outside of Newfoundland, I'll describe what awaits.  The land is all open to public travel and one is free to wander most anywhere. The trail is good. Other hikers are rare, so you'd have the landscape to yourself. I saw nobody on my hike.  The cliffs and sea are breathtaking, with continous pounding surf.  In summer blue berries, crow berries, bake apples (cloud berries), raspberries and partridge berries are abundant and you are free to pick as many as you'd like. Twillingate is a large island joined by a causeway. There are no dangerous mammals, no snakes, nor any dangerous insects there.  Icebergs are common is summer and one can occasionally see a whale from this trail.

If you visit ask the locals for the trail which leads from Spiller's Cove to French Beach; you won't be disappointed. Prepare for some wet places on the trail. The pic below comes from mid-way on the trail, near a place called Spiller's Rock.  It shows the very cool hole in the cliff.  The video below was taken Saturday at Spiller's Cove - a lovely place to sit, rest and marvel.


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