Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yarrow...little bouquets

It's good to be back, returning from 35 C temperatures to a more comfortable 20 C or so.  The weather here has been no-so-good for much of the summer.  However, if you like doing things outside and can appreciate breathing fresh, salty air without being overwhelmed with heat, Newfoundland is the place to be.

While on a walk today I saw so many native plants now in bloom.  One which can easily be missed is Yarrow.  It grows throughout the province and is common in drier areas.  They are usually easy to spot on roadsides. The flowers are white and if pulled from the plant in small bunches they resemble tiny bouquets of flowers. Kids are fasinated by this. The leaves are almost feathery.  

The plant has been used for varying purposes over the centuries. Thousands of years ago it was used to staunch the flow of blood from wounds. So glad we've evolved from that.  I've read that in rare cases it can cause an allergic skin reaction.

When you are out and about take notice of this common plant.


  1. Yarrow also comes in a pink variety....very pale pink.

  2. Great point Karen. I've only see pink every now and again. Thanks for visiting!