Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snowshoeing in Local Shoes

It has been a busy couple of weeks and the blog suffered!

Today was awesome!  My family was presented with some locally made snowshoes recently. We just returned from a test run.  As much as I'm a fan of cross-country skiing, snowshoes offer a different experience and a varied workout.  Local snowshoes are relatively easy to find in Newfoundland and beyond.  If you plan to try them make sure that the circumference is big enough to hold your weight.  Another important thing is the straps/bindings.  Buy something of good quality; you'll be thankful when in the snow.  Finally, a set of ski poles are very helpful for stability. They allow for an excellent shoulder work-out.  Fit the snowshoes snugly to your boots while still at home.  Once you get out there you'll need to re-adjust slightly after about ten steps.

Today there were lots of animal tracks and a great dispersal of seeds on top of the snow to keep the birds happy. There are still lots of delicate plants poking through the snow despite its height this winter.  Our walk in the woods was excellent and the snowshoes performed well.

Get out there - its good for the mind and body.  Lifting snowshoes at every step also provides an excellent leg work-out.

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