Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Dandelions are about to emerge on my lawn and those of the neighbourhood. In some parts of Newfoundland today the temperature hit 15 degrees C.  Yellow blossoms are soon to follow!  Beauty is everywhere and it's all about how you see things. A perfectly sculptured green lawn is beautiful.  Without the framework of what a good lawn should or should not look like, none could find fault with amazing yellow flowers spread across a green background.  Without dandelions we'd be tempted to plant them and would only hope our green thumb was good enough to produce such hardy, maintenance-free flowers!

I accept dandelions as natural part of summer and mow them down about once per week. I don't use herbicides and alas, the lawn police have not come for me yet.  Each of us will live and die usually without any tributes to the state of our lawns. However, there is a full planet just asking for us to think greener. 

You might replace weed with herb.  Dandelions have been ingested for many years and herbalists consider it a valuable source of vitamins. Please read about quantities and preparation - that's not my forte.  The good news - if you ever get lost hiking this easily recognized plant will provide a nutritious snack!  Stick with the greens and they are most tasty in spring.

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